In the coming 10 to 15 years, human beings will be facing a huge challenge of unemployment, specially in manufacturing industry. Because of Automation and Machine Learning more people will lose their jobs.

Unfortunately, we’re teaching our kids the course work that was specially designed for the Industrial workers in Industrial Revolution. We’ve to understand Future is not a time-frame, it's a mindset. We’ve to overcome this unemployment challenge. We’ve to learn the skills that machine can not do.

To solve this problem, we’ve introduced “MUET Bootcamps”. These will be certified 4 to 7 week trainings designed to teach and enhance the skills of young minds. The main objective of these trainings is to create Skilled Graduates that could fit in the futuristic Job Market.

The future is not something that just happens to us – it is something we create!

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Mehran University’s Bootcamps are 4-week long courses where you learn to develop and enhance your digital skills to establish a career as a creative entrepreneur, earn money online as a freelancer, and be a smart worker.

The bootcamps cover digital tools and skills such as Freelancing, Digital Marketing & WordPress etc. The industry-leading companies like Google, IBM, Apple are demanding for digital skills instead of degrees. Bootcamps help you secure your future.

Futuristic Job Market is all about skills now. To survive in the future, you NEED to polish, and master your skill. These trainings will help you in getting familiar with Trending and Most Demanded Skills, to help you choose your preferred skill, enhance it, and to build your skill-based career as a freelancer, entrepreneur or a smart worker.

3 Simple Steps:
1. Choose your preferred Bootcamp and select ‘Enrol now’
2. Fill the easy-to-fill form
3. Pay the challan Easy steps, smooth registration.

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